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This is where inspirational leaders, visionaries and game changers in the fields of health and wellness, mind/body medicine, spirituality and more come together to share their wisdom with those who seek this knowledge.

As of February 2024, ALL new episodes will be available to our members only.

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Previously known as Center for Integrative Medicine (drJasonLoken.com).

In-person appointments, virtual consults, wellness immersions and retreats. A sanctuary of care where you can address the underlying roots of dis-ease. A nurturing space to deeply relax, let go, learn and reconnect with the real YOU…

In order to ‘Bring more of YOU into this world.’

All new episodes will be available to our members for a donation of $11/month. Members can cancel their donation at any time. Whether, you’re wanting to catch a single episode, or watch all new episodes from February 2024 onward, this is where you can tune in.

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InspireLife is a PMA that shares knowledge and inspiration to support a return to health and vitality on all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of you. InspireLife provides individual consultations, tangible experiences, and community support so that you can bring more of YOU into this world.

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FREE Course For All Members

This course has the power to be profoundly transformational

Know Thyself The Course

After 5 years of hosting the Inspire Health Podcast and over 25 years of practicing in the fields of health and wellness, I have come to realize that health, happiness and a meaningful life is directly proportional to the depth that we know our true Self. It is from this place that our own personal instructions come online and we navigate our world with more clarity, knowing and grace.

It is for this reason that we have put together an amazing course with other luminaries in the fields of health, spirituality and metaphysics to assist you in connecting to the truth of who you really are and then bring more of YOU into this world.

This course has the power to be profoundly transformational.

Once you become a member you can access the course from the homepage by scrolling down.

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